Produkto Lokal Weekend Fairs: Entrepreneurs Are Heroes

It’s 2017, the year millennials conquer the world – one graduate at a time.
They are valiant, passionate, and sly. They ask questions. They care about the world and look for meaning in everything.

This demographic cohort is either coolly welcomed by spontaneous leaders or frowned upon by authoritarian bosses.

Rejection is embraced like a friend by this talented group who is unafraid to strike on their own and make things happen.

The result? An explosion of startups that are ruled by the young and fueled by passion. These Millennial businesses aim to make profit while saving the world through social entrepreneurship.

Not to be taken lightly, the startup journey is not for all. It is for those who are ready to wake up to a new challenge. It is for the nomads prepared for financial uncertainty. It is for the lion heart seeking freedom. It is for the artist wandering to find meaning.


With several branches across Iloilo City, LOCO, short for Local Coffee, is winning everyone’s admiration. The cold-brew is local, high-quality, and socially responsible. Everyone loves “the coffee that will never make you sleep.”

Going back to 2015, kick starting a business with triple-bottomline was not easy for Doc Ayn Bedonia and her friends.

The team wanted to utilize locally-sourced coffee to empower our farmers. They worked non-stop to come-up with delightful blends that will make LOCO stand-out.

After countless trial and errors, they started gaining attention. Business was starting to be good for a while until they encountered shortages in supply.

Nilaga X-pres

Joggling a corporate job and a startup, Nico wanted to bring Nilagang Tagalog to Iloilo. He was banking on novelty to break through the cut-throat Iloilo food market.

At the beginning, he encountered countless challenges such as managing his time and resources. He was also having doubts whether Ilonggos will like the taste of his Nilaga.

Nico is thankful to his friends who are always happy to join him when he participates in fairs. His officemates are also supportive of his startup business.

Mulave Studio

“When starting Mulave Studio, I struggled introducing the business side of things to my more artistic colleagues,” recalls Rayjand Gellamucho who manages several startups at the same time the President and Executive Director of Youth First Initiative Philippines, Inc., “also, having limited resources for our operations and product development slowed us down.”

Nonetheless, Rayjand remained dedicated to Mulave Studio, “I strategized and educated my partners until we improved and our company grew.”

JAC Us Foodies

Last October, Produkto Lokal family welcome another newbie to the startup world. And they are having their fair share of struggles.

“We were already selling clothes and makeup when we discovered that we were more passionate in selling food. Our friends and followers got confused.”

Nonetheless, the young brand has a plan, “we will be fierce in marketing to establish our identity.”

Produkto Lokal

At the end of the day, having a vision makes an entrepreneur.

Doc Ayn, Nico, Rayjand, and Jac are just few of the many dynamic individuals who said yes to the challenges of entrepreneurship.

There are more stories to hear, talents to discover, food to try and, and local products to love at the upcoming Produkto Lokal Weekend Fairs. Kindly like our Produkto Lokal Facebook Page for more updates.

by: Romellaine Xyene L. Arsenio, Director of Communication