Produkto Lokal Weekend Fair: New Things To Love In The City Of Love

Globalization has changed the way we work and live. We have become materialistic individuals, fond of sophisticated products made with raw materials that are cheaply bought from agricultural countries. These natural resources are then lumped into factories and assembled by individuals who stick to their robotic routines of assembling one part of the same product every day.

Meanwhile, in the mountains of Barotac Viejo, a community of brown skinned women are crafting
necklaces and bracelets the way their parents thought them. They wear accessories that reflect their environment and their stories — and they are making just a little more to impart to us here in Iloilo and the rest of Panay.

Across Iloilo, Noel muses in Guimaras Island and writes stories in Hiligaynon to entertain and celebrate the beauty of our very sweet and beautiful language.

Hours away from the city, Elsed is seen walking along the beach of Antique. Later on, he pulls out hispen to write a Binalaybay in Kinaray-a.

Back in heart of Iloilo, Earvin is talking to the male elders of his family. They tell him that our fathers used to keep their hair in manly shape with a handmade pomade brewed from ingredients borrowed from the environment. Later on, Earvin starts crafting his own pomade, and gets amazed by the wonders it can do to his hair.

We also have Khon who was already running a digital printing business for T-shirts and mugs when he felt the need to create not just shirts but original works of art that reflect his artistry, passion, and uniqueness.

We have shared so many stories already, and there’s still so much more to see.

There’s Jon, Charmaine, Franzel, and Michelle who shared friendship and fascination over artisan soaps. There’s Denise who was captivated by the art of calligraphy at eleven.
We have the 23-year-old Pearl who paints and creates the cutest post cards. We have the Yarn Artisan, Anna J. Boutique, and Gab and Brie who make the cutest baby stuff.

There’s still so much left to discover, and because of this, we are inviting you to come to the Produkto Lokal Artisan Fair, a gathering of fine and passionately made goods that you can use every day.

“We are inviting you to come to the Produkto Lokal Artisan Fair, a gathering of fine and passionately made goods that you can use every day.”

Meet the Panayanon artisans and learn more about the lives of our indigenous groups on Feb. 27 to 28, from 3 pm to 8 pm. During the fair, various artists may take the stage to render a song, a dance, a poem, or any other refreshing performance that reflects our culture.

Let us go back to our roots and celebrate who we truly are. So many beautiful things have been forgotten.

The Produkto Lokal Weekend Fair is a brainchild of the Youth First Initiative, a gathering of young and brilliant individuals educated, experienced, and skilled in business, arts, technology, and other facets.
We are working towards local economic development and sustainability by creating globally competitive products from local resources and finding opportunities in political, economic, and other events such as the ASEAN Integration.

In the future we will introduce more projects that will help indigents live a better live and introduce Panayanon artisans to a wider audience. We hope to create a lasting positive change in the local community. Years from now, we see young people from economically challenged families become educated and empowered, and able to bring their
families out of poverty.

Finally, we extend our invitation to like-minded individuals around the world to share their resources, expertise, and time to this worthy endeavor. For inquiries please contact april@youthfirstph.org or visit our event page and Facebook page