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Project Description

Poverty Stoplight

This is a poverty alleviating project adopted from our partner organization based in South America, the Fundacion Paraguaya.

– Seeks to eliminate multi-dimensional poverty that affects the families with whom we work. It allows families to trace their own poverty map and develop and implement a clear plan to overcome it.

– A visual survey which uses a series of photographs, families self-assess their level of poverty in 50 indicators grouped into 6 dimensions of poverty which are:  Income & Employment, Health & Environment, Housing & Infrastructure, Education & Culture, Organization & Participation and Interiority & Motivational. Each indicator is defined as Red (extreme poverty), Yellow (poverty) or Green (not poverty). For applying the Poverty Stoplight survey, we use software developed in conjunction with Hewlet Packard Enterprise.

– We are one of the three (3) organizations in the country granted with the authority to use the visual survey.

– This methodology seeks to provide innovative solutions to poverty, while identifying practical solutions that are normally there, but cannot be distinguished without the advice of a person who acts as a mentor.

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