8 Reasons To Go To The First-ever Produkto Lokal Food Trip

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Imagine sitting in a long table, in the middle of your neighbourhood, where each family has lovingly prepared their heirloom dish to share with everyone.

This is the concept behind Produkto Lokal Foodtrip. As Iloilo gets bigger, we welcome more investors. Among which are major national and international restaurant chains that promises to give us new things to try.

While we are exciting for the wider selection, we have not forgotten the dishes that has been close to our hearts for centuries.

At the first-ever Produkto Lokal Food Trip slated on May 27 and 28, we will relish in the best of Ilonggo food.

Kusina Nanam

Kusina Namnam

During the Spanish colonization, Iloilo was a treasured city and was even called “La Muy Noble Ciudad” by the Queen Regent of Spain.

No wonder, Iloilo inherited lavish cuisines from Spain. Among which is the rice dish Paella which will be served by Kusina Namnam during the food trip.

Huat Cai

Huat Cai

Apart from the fine Spanish dishes, Ilonggos also fell in love with the comforting and energizing dimsum introduced by the Chinese community. Among which is the siomai or pork dumplings.

Huat Cai promises to bring you the tastiest siomai you’ll ever bite.

Lars Buko Batchoy

Lars Buko Batchoy

Batchoy, a noodle soup made with pork organs, crushed pork cracklings, chicken stock, beef loin and round noodles, proudly traces its origins in the district of Lapaz in Iloilo City.

No wonder, it is debatably the most popular food in Iloilo City. And just as we thought we are already having the best, Lars Buko Batchoy introduces Batchoy with the twist of Buko. The signature dish became lighter, sweeter, and creamier with the new ingredient.


Ginabot ni Timoy

If you’re the type who goes to food fests for gastric adventures, head straight for some Kasudlan Turon from Ginabot ni Timoy.

Eduardos Taqueria

Eduardo’s Taqueria

If you’re in love with the flavourful Mexican food, get excited for tacos, nachos and burritos from Eduardo Taqueria.

Expect more satisfying main courses this upcoming Produkto Lokal Food Trip. Meanwhile, after finishing your Savory Dish, you can switch to a plate of delightful desserts.

Golden Treats

Golden Treats

Make sure to taste the Yema Cake of Golden Treats that will surely take you to the ninth cloud. An array of other sweets will be available for you to try or bring home.

Hive Confections

Hive Confections

Some people want a full meal, some want desserts, and some others just want pica-pica and perhaps some beer.

For people who are just chilling, finger foods such as bacon quiche, apple cheddar muffins, cheesecakes, and rum cakes from Hive Confections will be perfect.


Desserts and pica-pica goes perfectly with tea and coffee.

Whether you’re that cool, calm, and collected dapper who goes for tea or that energetic, go-getter who sips caffeine, you can get a cup from Loco which sells house-brewed teas and locally sourced coffee.